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Terms of Sales

The present terms and conditions of sale apply to all sales conducted through Quiltmania’s website. Products sold on Quiltmania’s website are all in accordance with French laws. It is the buyer’s sole responsibility to make sure that these products can be imported and used in the country where they will be used. Photographs, illustrations and texts appearing on this website cannot be considered contractual.

1. Order

Information provided by the buyer during the ordering process binds them:

  • In case of a mistake in the wording of the buyer’s contact details, Quiltmania will not be held responsible for the non-delivery of the product.
  • Orders will be final only when they are confirmed by the full settlement of the order’s total.
  • Products are available as long as supplies last.
  • If you wish to order through other means than through the Internet, you can send us your order form by post, complete with your payment to:
    QUILTMANIA BP25 La Castillerie 44360 ST ETIENNE DE MONTLUC France

2. Payment

Orders can be paid by :

  • cheque from a French bank to the order of Quiltmania (orders by mail only)
  • Visa card or Mastercard (secure site)
  • money transfer to our bank (it will be absolutely necessary to send us your order form then):
    IBAN: FR76 3004 7141 2200 0201 7950 101           BIC: CMCIFRPP
    All your purchases must be paid for in Euros as soon as you order. The Quiltmania firm will retain ownership of the products until they have been paid for.

3. Delivery

Your parcel will be carried by French or international postal services and delivered by your country’s postal service on its usual terms and to the address indicated on your order form.

Shipping costs and delivery times vary depending on the country of destination. If your parcel exceeds the maximum weight and size permitted by French postal services, we will send it through a delivery service of our own choosing.

Delivery will be made within the allotted time, either directly to the addressee or, in case of the addressee’s absence, by delivery notice.

Delivery times are those indicated by postal or delivery services. Delays cannot be cause for an action for damages.

Risk transfer happens as soon as the products have been handed from the seller to the carrier. Products travel at the risk and cost of the buyer.

As soon as the parcel has arrived, the buyer should check the conformity and condition of the products delivered. Comments will have to be issued and sent via electronic or postal mail within 48 hours.

4. Prices and other services

Product prices appear on the website in Euros and include all taxes. They are final and definitive, except in the case of specific quantities. Prices are indicated for information only and can be changed without any special notice.

5. Guarantee

Neither Quiltmania nor the customer should be held responsible for any non fulfilment due to an event of force majeure, outside their control, among which, but not limited to, instances of : war, riot, insurrection, interruption of transportation services, import or export problems, strike, shortage, fire, earthquake, storms and flood.

Products are sold as long as supplies last.

Hypertext links can send you to other websites. Quiltmania will not be held responsible in the event of the content of these sites infringing current laws and regulations.

6. Litigation settlement

In the case of difficulties in the enforcement of the present contract, all parties will be obliged to seek an amicable solution before going into legal proceedings. In case of litigation, solely French laws and French language will be applicable.

All complaints must be sent by post through recorded delivery to the Quiltmania firm.

If an amicable solution cannot be reached and agreed upon, the dispute about the interpretation or execution of the present contract will be within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Nantes, France (court of first instance in civil and criminal matters of Nantes, France)

In case of a faulty product or product damaged during transportation, the product will have to be sent back to us at the buyer’s expense and we will do our best to replace it at our expense.

7. Acceptance

The act of buying implies the acceptance of the present general terms and conditions of sale. Customers thus renounce the right to exercise any contradictory document, in particular their own general terms and conditions of buying.

8. Copyright

Any reproduction of this website, whether partial or total, in France or abroad, is forbidden, taking into account the current laws regarding intellectual and artistic rights.

Any commercial use of this website is illegal and subject to legal proceedings.

9. Forums / comments online about products

The ‘Forum’ section of this website is an area dedicated to discussions where it is forbidden to publish information of a libellous, threatening, abusive, obscene or racist nature, or encouraging discrimination, violence or hatred based on race, ethnicity, religion or national origin, encouraging the apology or nazism or the contesting of crimes against humanity, counterfeiting reality, offending public decency, or more generally, of an illicit nature. It is forbidden to use this space to threaten, harass or insult or, more generally, to violate the rights of others (including the right to be granted protection of one’s private life). No illegal activity whatsoever will be tolerated. Do not upload copyrighted files or publish messages with elements (pictures, software or any other element) protected by intellectual property rights, privacy rights, advertising rights or any other current law unless you are entitled to said rights.

Quiltmania will not accept disturbing online activity such as spam, continuously off topic messages or declarations encouraging others to violate these rules or to participate in illegal activities. Participants in the forum wish to take part to a conversation and to express themselves in a positive environment.

Furthermore, Quiltmania will not be held responsible for information and contributions exchanged between Internet users via the ‘Forum’ section.

It is forbidden to use this section of the Internet to ask for money, goods, service, to advertise, publish and share information or data of a commercial nature. More generally, it cannot be used for commercial purposes.

10. Application of the French law

Taking into account the fact that the Internet is a world-wide system by nature, the rules applicable to all contents and transmission of data on, through and around this website are determined by French laws. In case of litigation, the French courts falling within the jurisdiction of the court of appeal of Nantes, France, will be solely competent.

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