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Sewing Sisters Quiltmania Tour 2019 by Juud

Sewing Sisters Quiltmania Tour 2019 by Juud

Who would have thought that our show would become a QuiltMania Show.

“Sewing Sisters Quiltmania Tour 2019”

Having QuiltMania on board will give it an extra dimension, more international. So hopefully we can address even more quilters. We’re a special group of people, you and I. We’re Quilt lovers. We are all kindred spirits. The love for fabrics and threads is hard to explain. So is the fact that we can lose ourselves in colors, piecing methods and that we never ever seem to get enough of different piecing possibilities. Lucky for us they seem to be endless.

I remember the first show Petra Prins and I organized in 2017. My husband Frans was certain Petra and I would be in an empty church! When he came to support us on our opening day, he was gob smacked by all the people visiting.


When he talked to a couple from Denmark, he was even more surprised when he learned that their sole purpose to visit the Netherlands was the show! The concept of showing the quilts that are in the newly published books by Quiltmania is genius. The chance to see them up close and personal in a medieval church is magic.

The whole atmosphere was one of a huge quilting bee. So many visitors knew one another. We can only hope that we can match the first show. We are doing our utmost best.

This time we will first travel to Nantes, to attend the Pour L’amour du Fil show., from April 24th up until 27Th. A fantastic show. It’s not only the show that makes it so wonderful, but to meet up with friends, to see the ‘quiltmania girls’ again. To see and meet visitors, many of them are our customers as well. And for me to practice my French, which I only seem to be able to utter a few words. None the less, I “speak” French with great enthusiasm!

In Nantes we met up with Susan Smith who’s book “Quilts, somewhere in the middle” was just published by Quiltmania.

Right after Nantes we will go to Amersfoort, and have “The Sewing Sister QuiltMania Tour” in the Joriskerk, hof 1, Amersfoort, The Netherlands, from may 1st up until may 4th.
With quilts from Di Hall Ford (who is, due to health issues, sadly enough not able to attend herself) and her Secret Sister Hood. Her Sisterhood is larger than you might think! Rene Ferree and Michel Bouchon, both French are members, so is Petra Prins.

In Amersfoort Susan will do two classes, one her Blue and White tulip one, Flowers from Ederveen,

and her medallion Lewis Coverlet. This quilt is on the cover of the book. I fully understand, it is just gorgeous. For us it was of course lovely to see that she choose Dutch Heritage Fabrics by Petra Prins and Nel Kooiman! She pieced it for all her Dutch fans, we love her for it. Thanks Susan!

The book is SO SUSAN, light and airy, funny, bright, cheerful, you can almost feel the Australian summer breeze. You can almost see the Australian Sun Shine. Her sense of color, her easy look on quilting!

In total there are 16 quilts in Susan’s book. Not intricate but accessible, a joy to piece.

Like this one for instance, or

This bow tie one! Should you ask me to describe the book in one word?
“Joyful” would be my choice.

Would you like to bask in her presence, would you like to meet her, would you think it to be fun to see and hear her approach to quilting, come join us in Nantes or Amersfoort! (far easier than traveling to Melbourne Australia yourself!)

Should you wish to join her for the day you can take a class with her in the Church. At you will find these classes under ‘classes sewing sisters tour’. You will have time to spare to see all the quilts on display.

Well I better end this Blog for now. I could just go on and on. Now I am anxious to see the Secret Sewing Sisterhood book!

But before I go……..

I would love to show you “Queen Victoria”, a quilt pieced in 1887 (or right after) to commemorate the 50-year reign of Queen Victoria. It will be in the Secret Sisters Sewinghood Book and is by Petra Prins.
On Friday the 3rd of May you could join Petra and the ORIGINAL quilt for a class! All of the class’s information can be found on our website;



Remember; Better finished than perfect!

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