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Plaid Table Runner & 3 pin cushions by Mary Flanagan

Plaid Table Runner & 3 pin cushions by Mary Flanagan

I am Mary Flanagan, I have been sewing all my life, having learned from my mother when I was very little.

She taught me to be creative. She said if you learn the skills well, you can then think beyond the directions, break the rules, invent a new way, make your own designs.

Whether creating purposeful clothing, quilting, or free-form textile arts, sewing is at the heart of what I do.

The projects in the magazine Simply Vintage n°25 were due to experimenting with color combinations.

The instructions are simple and there is no need to be exact or perfect, so make more than one. As you play with different color materials, each one will be unique.

Very fun as a family or group project!

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