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Quilts, somewhere in the Middle by Juud

Quilts, somewhere in the Middle by Juud

As soon as you open the book there is a lovely photo of Susan. Really just the way she is. In her introduction she speaks of how she started quilting, her family, what quilting means to her. You will also read that the title of the book is extremely suitable!


What I personally like is that she speaks of her favorite tools. You just need tools that suit you to piece. Her favorite needles, the markers she uses, how to make a bias, how to iron. Just general instructions to read and to take note of before you start.


The book is just fun to read. Fun to see how Susan uses fabrics, the way she combines them. They remind me of springtime! That first day when you can sit outside in the sun. The promise of a new summer.



Working at Petra Prins and being Dutch I was of course in “aw” of The Garden at Ederveen. We have had a sneak peak last year in Sydney during the quilt show, but to see it in the book was totally different.


Fantastic to see how she has made use of our Dutch Heritage Fabrics. Lovely to read that she wanted to incorporate a Dutch quilt for her Dutch Quilters. I am certain that lots of Dutch Quilters will feel honored by it.


The book is SO SUSAN, light and airy, funny, bright, cheerful. Her sense of color, her easy look on quilting! Just have fun piecing!


I can’t choose which quilt I like best. There are childrens quilts in it, easier ones, some more difficult. Most of them are bright and others like Civil War II more traditional and, so you wish, brown.

The love for applique shows. In almost all of them you will find applique, but three.


In total there are 16 quilts in Susan’s book. Not intricate but accessible, a joy to piece.



Like this one for instance, or


This bow tie one! Should you ask me to describe the book in one word?

“Joyful” would be my choice.


Would you like to bask in her presence, would you like to meet her, would you think it to be fun to see and hear her approach to quilting, come join her in Nantes at the Pour l’Amour du Fil from April 24th up until the 27th! (far easier than traveling to Melbourne Australia yourself!).


Please do not think that you might have to start another project. It’s not about the project, it’s all about …….. just read page 11 in the book. I could not agree more with her than I do!



Remember; Better finished than perfect!


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