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Know how to choose well your batting with Stephanie Hackney of Hobbs


Know how to choose well your batting with Stephanie Hackney of Hobbs

Make a good quality quilting thanks to Stephanie Hackney’s hints and don’t make any more mistakes choosing your batting.

The Quiltmania magazine #142 offers you a new section called “Asked the Expert” in which specialists answer questions you often ask us. In this issue, Stephanie Hackney, the Director of Sail and Marketing – Craft and Retail Division for Hobbs Bonded Fibers (Hobbs Batting) enlighten us on the batting choice.

Which questions you need to ask yourself? What kind of fibers are to prefer? Stephanie tells you everything you need to know in the Quiltmania magazine #142 article! Enjoy a preview below…

A preview of what awaits you…

Molleton Hobbs Batting

“For most quilters, patterns and fabrics are their focus. Now, that’s not to say that patterns and fabrics aren’t important, because they are – they’re generally what entice quilters to create, and anything that inspires a quilter to create is a good thing!

That said, there are other elements of a quilt that are equally important, and these ‘behind the scenes’ elements can make or break a quilt.

Batting is one of these ‘hidden’ and important elements and it’s what we’ll be discussing here.

Batting (or wadding), which can be composed of a variety of fiber types, is a non-woven material that’s centered between a quilt’s top and back and it helps to define how a quilt or quilted project will appear, drape, function and wear.

Choose the right batting and the results are likely to be great; choose the ‘wrong’ batting and all the time (and money) invested in a quilt could be for naught.”

Stephanie Hackney 


Discover the whole article and more in your Quiltmania magazine #142!

About our partner : Hobbs Bonded Fibers, Hobbs Batting 

Hobbs Batting is a batting (wadding) manufacturer for hobbyist, commercial, art and show quilters since 1978.

Descending from a family of quilters, they are committed to provide you with the same high-quality Hobbs batting (wadding) they provide to their own family.

For us, quilting is love story and the expression of artistry and skill which implies to work with the best materials. Thus, they inspire themselves from your inputs to offer you more product advancements and refinement.


We’re committed to doing our part to enhance your #JoyofQuilting

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