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Imaginary Garden – Yoko Saito

Imaginary Garden – Yoko Saito

This quilt is a true work of art, and yes, it is directed mainly at appliqué enthusiasts as this wild herbarium is composed of dozens of different fl owers, cut from a subtle palette of greys and taupes, appliquéd directly on a background.
This marvel will be given to you in three parts, due to the enormous actual-size pattern!

Let’s watch Anne-Helene’s video about it:

Download the photos, they will help you choose your fabrics: Click HERE

Erratum :

Regarding the background fabric:

 – If you have NOT yet purchased the background fabric, you will need 5.3 m (57/8yd) (3 strips measuring 175 x 65 cm (69” x 26”) sewn together  along the subsequent bandwidth (i.e., an assembled rectangle measuring 175 x 192 cm (69” x 77”)

– If you have already purchased your background fabric, there is no need to worry. Simply cut a central strip measuring 105 cm (42”) x 175 cm (69”) (diagram 1) and then cut the 2 strips measuring 45 cm (18”) x 175 cm (69”) that will be sewn at the top and bottom of the central strip, providing you with your background rectangle measuring 175 x 192 cm (69” x 77”)


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