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Recycle your fabrics into nice creations thanks to quilting, embroidery…

Voyage autour de la laine, Ségolaine Schweitzer

Recycle your fabrics into nice creations thanks to quilting, embroidery…

For the European Week for Waste Reduction, the « A Trip around the Wool » books are in the spotlight at Quiltmania !

Ségolaine Schweitzer, author of the books A trip around the wool and A trip around the wool continues publishing by Quiltmania, has a real gift for reusing old fabrics and wool threads to make quilts and other pieces. We than thought of her for this special week dedicated to recycling.

Ready for the trip?

A word on the author

Ségolaine has a taste for fabrics that already have lived. She loves to search the very bottom of the drawers, use ancient spools and fabrics scraps. You’ve caught on: everything has its use, therefore she gives a new history to these often abandoned objects.


She discovers textile art in the 70’s and decides a few years later to take patchwork classes where she directly find a predilection for the Log Cabin pattern. Ségolaine gradually defines her own path with surprising fabrics choices such as old curtains, furnishing fabrics but also… wool of course !

Two wonderful Trips around the wool

In her two books, Ségolaine Schweitzer shares with us her passion for wool and her sewing techniques. The watchword is: liberty. Indeed, you’ll learn how to make wool quilts, bags, coats and other projects without ties. Let yourself be guided by the materials, the thickness, the stitching and stitches that inspire you. By not imposing herself any rules, she gives you inspiration elements so that you can give a new life to old clothes, curtains, or other second-hand fabrics.

Cover A trip around the wool
Cover A trip around the wool continues

This European Week for Waste Reduction might have inspire you to

To discover in the book A trip around the wool
Quilt When leaves fly - ségolaine

It is the end of Autumn, leaves are bowing out and the quilt When leaves fly is a pretty illustration of this phenomenon. Made with a cheesecloth, a set of variegated and plaid woolen fabrics, it really fits with the end of the season.

It’s almost the end of 2020, if you are looking for an original project to accompany you through 2021, the quilt 52 happy memories will delight you! Create an hexagon per week with varied pieces of woolen fabric decorated with worn out shirt buttons, laces, embroidery… according to your inspiration!

52 happy memories - ségolaine
And other pieces to create or to renovate with the book A trip around the Wool continues
embroidery coat - ségolaine

Ségolaine offers you ideas to mend your coat to face a new winter. Two solutions are possible: recycle it by adding some raw material or by embroider on snags, imperfections. Here, a few embroidered flowers are enhancing this coat to bring joyfulness to it.

cosy needle case - ségolaine

The cosy needle case, a very useful accessory to both use your fabrics crafts and to carry your sewing materials. A Christmas gift idea for your quilting friend?

Discover Ségolaine’s universe on her website:

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