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Aurifil & Anna Maria Horner contest

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Aurifil & Anna Maria Horner contest

Enter the exclusive contest
Aurifil & Anna Maria Horner!

Sign up for a PREMIUM paper subscription

between November 20th-29th

and enter the contest to win

a limited Edition set of AURIFIL threads

designed by Anna Maria Horner

valued at 155€

jeu concours aurifil anna maria horner 2020 -2

Hindsight by Anna Maria Horner was released in collaboration with Aurifil Fall of 2019. This set includes Anna Maria’s go-to threads for appliqué, machine sewing, and hand-quilting. 

The full set includes:

  • Custom designed cardboard exterior box featuring Honorable Mention from Hindsight
  • Mini Collection: 5 Small Spools 50wt 
  • Mini Collection: 3 Large Spools 50wt 
  • Mini Collection: 5 Small Spools 80wt 
  • Mini Collection: 6 Large Spools 12wt 

Why becoming a Premium subscriber?

Fan of traditional, vintage and modern quilting? Why choose ?
With the PREMIUM subscription, it’s 3 times more fun : receive the magazines Quiltmania, Simply Vintage and Simply Moderne and enjoy many advantages!

  • You save money: enjoy 19% OFF compared to the purchase of your magazines individually.
  • Your 14 magazines are shipped directly to your home – ensure you never miss out any issue.
  • You receive FREE digital access to our magazine with your paper subscription!
  • EXTRA BONUS: You receive 2 exclusive gifts: 1 kit to make a Wonderfil card holder and 1 set of 20 PieceMakers quilting needles!

To play, it’s easy

All you need to do is subscribe to a PREMIUM subscription in paper version between November 20th and 29th, 2020 by Internet or by phone by calling us on +33 (0) 2 40 86 86 86.

Your participation will automatically be taken into account for the random draw which will designate the winner.

Good luck!

Consult the rules HERE

Follow Anna Maria Horner
on her website:
on Instagram : @annamariahorner

Many thanks to our partner AURIFIL:


Follow Aurifil on Internet and on Instagram: @AurifilThread

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