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Step 4 – Advent calendar houses 13 to 16- Xmas by Quiltmania 2023

Step 4 – Advent calendar houses 13 to 16- Xmas by Quiltmania 2023

Let’s build the continuation of our Advent calendar with Step 4!


Hello everyone,

It’s time to tackle Step 4 of Blandine Delépine’s calendar. This week, we invite you to work on houses 13 to 16 and on the beautiful gingerbread.

Find in this article the instructions and templates necessary to continue your project. Don’t forget to share the progress of your work on social networks with the hashtag #XmasbyQuiltmania, we can’t wait to see your progress!


Find steps one, two, and three on our blog, as well as the presentation and the complete list of materials needed for the project.

Quiltmania’s notes : Blandine is a do-it-yourself who uses a variety of materials to express her talent, but if you feel like it, there’s nothing to stop you from making the little houses out of appliqué or felt instead of paint! You’ve got free rein when it comes to adding little surprises into the Advent Calendar. Here are a few inspirations : the houses are hung on little bags, socks or a little box is added to the houses… You’re free to add anything !

And what if you got inspired by other subscribers’ creations?

Some of you have already made good progress on the project. We share some of your works. Thanks to Martine Feougier, Limue Ydier and Claudine Bénard for sharing their work. You can send us your creations by message or on #XmasbyQuiltmania!

Get started on your Christmas projects!

What’s better than a quilt to accompany your Christmas tree?

English Wedding by Missie Carpenter – QM 134
Merry Christmas to you by Tamara Lynn- QM 128
Casse-tête by Michèle Beugnon – QM 116

Quiltmania issue 134 offers you the choice between Christmas trees, stars, and locomotives. So which model will make you happy?

The star is a unique symbol at Christmas, and what’s better than reproducing it on fabric? With Quiltmania issue 128, you can highlight the star according to your taste!

Presents? Any child dreams of opening them on December 25th. So, what’s better than representing them? Quiltmania issue 116 can help you reproduce them in log cabins!

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