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Introduction to the Xmas by Quiltmania 2023 project

Introduction to the Xmas by Quiltmania 2023 project

Now it’s time to get the Christmas party started!

Hello everyone!

This year, Quiltmania invites you to create an Advent village, made up of little houses created by Blandine Delépine from le P’tit Bûcheron.

This project consists of 24 houses in all, and will be shared and published over the next 6 weeks. Every Thursday from October 19, you’ll be able to follow the different stages of production on our blog.

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To get started, we invite you to gather the necessary supplies:

– Tracing paper, pencils, ruler
– Acrylic chalk paint (Blandine uses “home décor” folkart) or MAT acrylic paint
– Brushes: small brushes for backgrounds and finer “petits gris” (for windows, details)
– Piece of cotton fabric, the base on which you’ll paint (calico, for example)
– Vliseline termocollante H630
– Scraps of braid, lace, fabric, buttons…
– Embroidery thread, sewing equipment including a thimble!
– String or board… to highlight your houses
– Wooden pegs for painting or self-hardening clay
– 24 wooden clothespins (approx. 5 cm)
– Optional: decorative buttons available from

Blandine also recommends observing the facades of the houses in your area, at your vacation destination or on Pinterest… Give free rein to your imagination and your desires, it’s YOUR decoration after all!

We can’t wait to see your creations, so please share them on your social networks with the hashtag #XmasbyQuiltmania and stay tuned – a lovely surprise gift will be up for grabs very soon!

Quiltmania’s note : Blandine is a do-it-yourself who uses a variety of materials to express her talent, but if you feel like it, there’s nothing to stop you from making the little houses out of appliqué or felt instead of paint!

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