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Solidarity Quilt Block – Helen Stubbings’ block

Bloc de la solidarité - solidarity block - 46 - Helen Stubbings

Solidarity Quilt Block – Helen Stubbings’ block

The international quilting community is mobilizing to participate in our project Solidarity Blocks and many of the amazing designers that we collaborate with are on board! You can download their block pattern for free, use it to inspire your own block or simply keep the pattern for another project. Enjoy!

Helen Stubbings, of Hugs ‘N Kisses, was featured in our Simply Moderne n°9 and Simply Vintage n°26 issues. Her work is often adorned with hopeful, embroidered messages. Her block is a heartfelt, appliqué message and you can learn more about her technique by watching her videos on her website. 

Click on the following links to download the instructions :

Block 46 – Helen Stubbings – Instructions and diagrams

Block 46 – Helen Stubbings – Templates

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