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The Solidarity Blocks, 1 year later

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The Solidarity Blocks, 1 year later

Once again, the project Solidarity Blocks, launched one year ago, showed how generous the quilting community is! Our artists created 80 blocks, which they shared with you to allow you, and your needle, to participate to this adventure. Over 800 blocks were sent! Some of you replicated our designers’ patterns while others gave free rein to their imagination. But it is not the end…

Your blocks allowed us to assemble 35 quilts !

marie-france making quilt

The Solidarity Blocks have all been assembled into quilts, thanks to the numerous groups who have participated… We would like to thank Marie-France Lefèbvre, Chantal Baquin, Françoise Leseurre and the members of the L’Pique et Brode association in Le Croisic (France) and Carol as to the members of the Chattahoochee Evening Stars Quilt Guild (U.S.A) for their support! 

The time is almost here to send them off to their new homes, where we hope they will give comfort to front-line workers and those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

But before we send them away, we want to hear from you. Tell us where you think the quilts should be sent and why, and we will review all submissions and send the quilts to a select few. Quilts are limited, so we will be sending them to places we believe they will have the most impact. Once again, many thanks to you all for participating in this operation!

Gallery of the Solidarity Quilts

Progressively, we gather the quilts and take pictures of them so that you can admire the results of this wonderful operation. It is such a joy to see these blocks assembled, ready to please others. Here is the first part of the photos, the rest will come as soon as the sanitary conditions allow us to travel again.

What about the Solidarity Blocks in the United States?


In order to make the small quilts intended for the hospitals that were the most-affected by the pandemic, we entrusted the blocks to the Chattahoochee Evening Stars Quilt Guild in Georgia.

Eight members of the guild volunteered: Vicki, Ben, Kathleen, Korri, Laura, Leigh Ann, Barbara, Debbie

They did an amazing work and had the kindness to send us some superb pictures! We would love to thank them wholeheartedly and invite you to read the dedicated article.

Our partners

A huge thanks to our dear partners for making this project possible. The Art Gallery Fabrics supplied the backing fabrics, Hobbs the batting and Wonderfil the thread, all the necessary elements to accompany your blocks. The quilts are now ready to distribute beautiful smiles!


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