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Shine: The Circle Quilt by Elizabeth Eastmond

Shine The Circle Quilt - Elizabeth Eastmond

Shine: The Circle Quilt by Elizabeth Eastmond

American artist Elizabeth Eastmond of the OccasionalPieceQuilt blog is teaming up with Quiltmania to bring you the first 12 blocks of her “Shine” quilt. We find here the perfect occasion to thank our dear Newsletter readers for their loyalty, week after week!


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About Shine: the Circle quilt
Addict of the English paper piecing technique, Elizabeth Eastmond wanted to go beyond the straight lines and push the limits of her art by embarking on this radiant project in 2014. Circles, suns and multicolored compasses meet to form a cleverly structured whole. These motifs were greatly inspired by the decoration of a church she discovered in Slovenia during a trip. 

Every month, and until the end of the year, we reveal to you exclusively in our newsletter 3 new blocks to make this square quilt of 64″ side (162.5 cm).

For the last steps to finalize this quilt, you can either imagine the last four blocks and finish according to your taste, OR choose to follow Elizabeth’s instructions (pattern for sale on her Payhip site)

About Elizabeth Eastmond
You may have discovered Elizabeth in the Simply Moderne #18 whith her quilt Crossroads or also in the issue #138 of Quiltmania Magazine with her Riverside Sawtooth quilt. A former English teacher, Elizabeth now teaches the art of quilting and patchwork and is particularly fond of English paper-piecing style while mastering a large number of other techniques: appliqué, embroidery, wool work, designing, free-motion quilting, mid-size machine quilting, hand-stitching, English Paper-Piecing, and modern quilting.

For English speakers, her blog is a treat to browse! Elizabeth knows how to share her artistic crushes as well as her moments of life, not to mention her love of quilting!

Discover Elizabeth’s work on her website
Follow her on Instagram @occasionalpiecequilt


Block 1 – Swirlygig

Shine Circle Bloc 1 - Swirlygig - Elizabeth Eastmond

Block 2 – Sunshine

Shine Circle Bloc 2 - Sunshine - Elizabeth Eastmond

Block 3 – Lubjana

Shine Circle Bloc 3 - Lubjana - Elizabeth Eastmond

Block 4 – Provoslavni

Shine Block 4 - Provoslavni - Elizabeth Eastmond

Block 5 – Capella

Shine Block 5 - Capella - Elizabeth Eastmond

Block 6 – Star of wonder

Shine Block 6 - Star of wonder - Elizabeth Eastmond


Block 7 – Whirlygig

Shine Block 7 - WHIRLYGIG - Elizabeth Eastmond

Block 8 – Slovene Circle

Shine Block 8 - Slovene Circle - Elizabeth Eastmond

Block 9 – Sunflower

Shine Block 9 - Sunflower - Elizabeth Eastmond


Block 10 – Dresden Plate

Shine Block 10 - Dresden Plate - Elizabeth Eastmond

Block 11 – Test pattern

Shine Block 11 - Vintage Test pattern - Elizabeth Eastmond

Block 12 – Nine-Point Star

Shine Block 12 - Nine-Point Compass Rose Pattern -Elizabeth Eastmond



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