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September part of the Project-a-long with Béa

Béa Make-a-Long September

September part of the Project-a-long with Béa

An end of holiday sewing project with a little painting !

The end draws near… The end of the holidays, that is! Soon, all the little (or not so little anymore) ones will be busy behind their desk in class. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have the time to take a look at your creations, so don’t forget to come and say hi on our Simply Vintage Facebook group and with the hashtag #QUILTMANIA2021! This September, after the stroll near Royan, it’s time to go back to school with a nice painting and some autumn embroideries. Ready? Here we go!

Find the first eight parts on our blog.

Hello everyone,

Je voulais dans mon cartable
I wanted in my schoolbag

Emporter mes châteaux de sable,
To take my sand castles,

Mon cerf-volant, des coquillages
My flying kite, some seashells,

Et le portique de la plage.
And the beach’s swing set

Maman m’a dit :
Mom told me:

“Ce n’est pas permis
“It’s not allowed

Et puis tout ça
And all this

Ça ne rentre pas !”
It won’t fit! “

Alors j’ai pris un beau stylo,
So I took a nice pen,

Pour le goûter, quelques gâteaux
For my snack, a couple cookies

Et que des choses raisonnables.
And only reasonable things.

Plus trois petits grains de sable !
Plus three little grains of sand! 

Looks like this is it, back to school we go. Or to the workshop. Or to the patchwork and embroidery classes. Maybe even to a couple shows! Speaking of wich, don’t forget the “Pour l’Amour du Fil” show, starting on the 29th of September and ending the 2nd of October 2021 at Nantes.

Time to be reunited with all of our friends (it’s been a while!), tell them all about our lockdown experience, the feelings of loneliness that sometimes clung to us… and finally spend all that money that we’ve probably been saving up (the only positive aspect of this pandemic)!

So, anyway… Enjoy!



This project measures 10 x 12 cm (4’’ x 4¾’’) and will be positioned above the month of August:

Béa Make-a-Long September


  • Old bed sheet : 15 x 15 cm (6’’x 6’’)
  • Scrap of old lace 12cm ( 4¾’’) long
  • Embroidery cotton, no matter the colour
  • Some acrylic paint
  • “House” button about 3 x 3 cm (1’’ x 1’’). This one comes from “Le P’tit Bucheron
  • If you wish, you can use an embroidery hoop


1) In the middle of the old bed sheet, draw a square measuring 10 x 10 cm (4’’ x 4’’). In this square, copy the pattern of this months quilt by downloading the template here (use a sunny window). You can then use your embroidery hoop.

2) Embroider :

– The main circle with either stem stitches, feather stitches, back stitches…

– The leaves: make the outside using backstitch with two pieces of cotton and the nerves using fern stitch with only one piece

 – Make the smaller leaves using loop stitch with a single piece of cotton

– With a darker backstitch (1 piece), embroider the edges of the mushrooms

– Make the grapes using a French Knot stitch (6 pieces)

– Using 1 dark thread and either back or loop stitches, create the stem of your vine

– Embroider your message on the side of your work. Cut your old bed sheet in order to get a square of exactly 10 x 10 cm (4’’ x 4’’)

3) Using a barely wet brush and your paint, add colour to some of your mushrooms (you may get help from the model). Slightly paint the 4 angles of your square bed sheet.

4) Just above your August creation, add the lace and the bed sheet, then sew them together using the rice stitch. Finish by adding your school in the middle of the “crown”

Béa Make-a-Long September
Béa Make-a-Long September

Don’t forget to post your creations on social medias!

See you soon,


About Béa

portrait béatrice airaud

Béatrice Airaud is a decorative and textile art designer with many talents. Discover her poetic universe as well as her kits and adorable ornaments on her website. Don’t hesitate to follow her facebook and instagram pages.

Find all the chapters of the “Xmas by Quiltmania avec Béa” on our blog, some lovely handmade decorations are waiting for you.

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