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October part of the Project-a-long with Béa

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October part of the Project-a-long with Béa

A whimsical heart to wear at the Pour l’Amour du Fil show!

October is just around the corner and this year it is with a lot of excitement that we are waiting for it because from September 29th to October 2nd the Pour l’Amour du Fil show will be held in France and we have been waiting for it way too long! Béa had a great idea for this new part since she offers you a removable part as a wink to the show. We won’t spoil you more… Don’t forget to share your lovely creations on the Simply Vintage Facebook group and under the hashtag #QUILTMANIA2021!

Find the first nine parts on our blog.

Hello everyone,

How good is this late summer sun, these little evenings watching the stars, the tasty taste of figs and the first apples from the orchard…
What also puts a smile on my face is the arrival of the Pour l’Amour du fil” show where we will meet many of you with so much pleasure…
By the way, for the month of October of the 2021 banner, I immediately thought of being inspired by the logo of the event.
You will be able to put this little heart on a pin or a badge when you come to the show and then staple it on the strip of old sheet above the month of September, when you return!
The dates: from September 29 to October 2, 2021 at the Beaujoire in Nantes
Come one and all!!!



This project measures 10 x 11 cm (4’’ x 4¼’’) and will be positioned above the month of September:

projet broderie Béa octobre


  • canvas scrap: 10 cm (4”) square
  • 4 different blue fabric squares: 1½” (4 cm) square
  • 4 white, thin laces: 0.7 cm x 8 cm (¼” x 3⅛”)
  • Lace to outline the heart: 10” (25 cm)
  • A thick enough double-sided iron-on canvas: 4” (10 cm) square
  • White lace: 0.7 cm x 25 cm (¼”x 10”)
  • Embroidery cottons, fancy threads, embroidery ribbons
  • Various beads
  • Square of colored tulle: 4” (10 cm) per side
  • Labels
  • Optional :
    • Temporary repositionable glue,
    • Lining square: 10 cm (4”) square
    • Pin for the brooch
    • Charms


1) Transfer the heart template (download here) to the back of the canvas. Cut out with a 7 mm (¼”) margin all around.
2) Using the template, cut a heart out of the iron-on canvas, without a seam allowance. Double the canvas with it. Remove the protective paper from the canvas if it is present. With an iron, fold down the margin of the canvas to the wrong side of the iron-on canvas edges.
Make a scalloped stitch all around to consolidate the whole.
3) Using repositionable glue, glue the back of the 4 blue squares. With the help of the markings on the template, place them on the right side of the 4 corners of the heart. Trim the excess fabric around them, leaving a margin of one centimeter (⅜’). Fold this margin over to the wrong side with an iron.
4) Sew each of the 4 small laces to all 4 sides of the work, overlapping slightly the 2 angled edges of each blue fabric square.
5) Using the template and the pattern, sew the white lace on the 4 diagonals of the small work.
Outline the center of each with a red backstitch.
6) Dress up the heart with fancy threads, beads, scalloped stitches…
7) With the embroidery ribbons, make a simple bouquet on the left side of the heart. Bead the center of the heart. On the right edge, sew a lace by gathering it.
8) If you want to wear the realization as a brooch to wear the day of the show, double the back with the square of lining. Attach the brooch pin to the back.
9) For the banner, above the month of September, lay out the tulle square. Secure it with sand dots. Pin or appliqué the heart on top. Sew your tags and charms.

détails broderie coeur Béa
détails coeur DIY Béa

Don’t forget to post your creations on social medias!

See you soon,


About Béa

portrait béatrice airaud

Béatrice Airaud is a decorative and textile art designer with many talents. Discover her poetic universe as well as her kits and adorable ornaments on her website. Don’t hesitate to follow her facebook and instagram pages.

Find all the chapters of the “Xmas by Quiltmania avec Béa” on our blog, some lovely handmade decorations are waiting for you.

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