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June part of the Project-a-long with Béa

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June part of the Project-a-long with Béa

A Summer sewing project entirely explained!

Here we are… we have (already!) made half of our strip!! Go share your progress on the Simply Vintage facebook group and with the hashtag #QUILTMANIA2021! For the beginning of June, Béa gives us a taste of summer, travels and celebrations… so have fun with lace, jute, doily, etc.

Find the first five parts on our blog.

Hello everyone,

For my husband and I, June is an exciting month this year… If the pandemic allows us, once we are vaccinated, we’ll grab our backpacks and be going on the GR 4 hiking trail for 2 and a half months.

This is an adventure that we are really looking forward to live!

That will explain my excitement to illustrate lavender field for this month. With a bit of luck, we’ll see them blooming.


June will be… summer, music festivals and maybe, at least I hope, a bit of liberty for all of us.

This project measures 10 x 10 cm (4’’ x 4’’) including the lace, and will be placed above the May part:

sewing pattern Béa june


  • One safety pin: 5.5 cm (2¼’’) length
  • A linen rectangle: 4 x 6 cm (1½’’x 2½’’)
  • An old sheet rectangle: 3.5 x 5 cm (1⅜’’x 2’’) and a small rectangle for the « C ‘est l’été » (It’s Summertime) label
  • A jute rectangle: 3 x 5 cm (1¼’’x 2’’) you’ll paint in green
  • A starched doily scrap
  • A yellow lace scrap
  • A flowery lace scrap
  • A blue died lace scrap
  • 2 small buttons
  • Cotton embroidery thread
  • Optional: blue or green watercolour paint


  1. Place the small rectangle of old sheet right next to the linen rectangle’s bottom. Make some broken rib stitches with the ecru cotton embroidery thread on the top ¾ of this assembly.

2. Unravel the upper part of the piece of jute to fake grass. Then sew it onto the base.

3. Add the crochet scrap and attach it in the same way.

4. Put some blue colour on the upper partto represent the sky.

5. Help yourself and use the picture as a guide to make the lavender with green crewel stitches and lavender french knots.

6. Sew on the two buttons.

7. Attach everything on the safety pin by folding the upper part of the linen rectangle down.

8. On the strip, above the May part, on the left, place the yellow lace (for the sun) and the blue compress (for the sky). Sew in place with broken rib stitches.

9. Find a space to keep for your pin. On the right side of this space, attach the flowery lace scrap.

10. From this lace, embroider the branches that started on the January part. Make them more and more perennial and leafy.

11. Fix the pin in place. Make some broken rib stitches on the bare part. Embroider some music notes with black cotton thread.

12. On the small remaining sheet rectanglet, embroider your litle message with backstitches and attach it on the left side of the pin.

embroidery project Béa
embroidery project Béa

Your vesion is up to you. Bring your personnal touch. Nothing will make me more happy than discovering your creations #quiltmania2021 !

I’ll have a thought for you on the hiking path.

July will arrive very soon !

About Béa

portrait béatrice airaud

Béatrice Airaud is a decorative and textile art designer with many talents. Discover her poetic universe as well as her kits and adorable ornaments on her website. Don’t hesitate to follow her facebook and instagram pages.

Find all the chapters of the “Xmas by Quiltmania avec Béa” on our blog, some lovely handmade decorations are waiting for you.

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