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February part of the Project-a-long with Béa

bannière Béa Février

February part of the Project-a-long with Béa

A nice embroidery project with a hint of winter!

As usual, you have shown a lot of enthusiasm for this new make-a-long offered by Béa and it couldn’t make us happier! Today, the February part of the spool is revealed. Embroidery, pearls and doilies are gathered together to create a nice, wintery ornament.

You didn’t see the January part and want to join the adventure? Click here.

Hello everyone,

February… Let’s think about how this period inspires us.

For me, it is filled with crepes, Valentines Day, and a delightfully cold season. Now it’s your turn, look around you and get inspiration from how you’re living and what surrounds you.


Below is the example of the version I made on my sheet above the January part, with a height of approximately 11cm (4 3/8“). Now it’s time to make your creativity on!

banner Béa february


  • Flowery fabrics, almost tone-on-tone for the back: 1 square of 10 x 10cm (4″ x 4″)
  • Small lace : 1 x 10 cm (3/8’’ x 4’’)
  • A braid of 10 cm (4″) length
  • Mini doily : 5,5 cm diameter (2″)
  • Thin white fabric : 1 square of 10 x 10cm (4″ x 4″) (don’t hesitate to take more fabic if you want to use an embroidery frame)
  • Cotton wool
  • 2 heart shaped small buttons or trinkets
  • Water erasing pen
  • Repositionable glue (optional)
  • Mini clothes pin


  1. Glue the flowery fabric square above the January part of your spool. On the lower part, in order to cover the junction of the two months, sew the small lace and braid.
  2. On the right side, place the small doily by making it slightly poke out the right border, and attach it with a few invisible stitches.
  3. On the thin white fabric square, write the quote “A la Chandeleur, l’hiver se meurt ou prend vigueur” (“At Candlemas, winter is dying or coming to life”) with the water erasing pen. The letters shouldn’t be bigger than 7mm (1/4″) height. Embroider back stitches with strands of embroidery floss. Make a tag with each word and dispose them on the flowery fabric. Glue them in place with repositionable glue. To attach them permanently make some broken rib stitches with a thin thread.
  4. Extend the embroidered banches of January to February. Simulate snow with a few French knots.
  5. Sew your Valentine’s Day hearts. On the thin white fabric scrap, sew a mini knot at the base of your mini doily.
  6. My grand-daughter Marlene will be 7 years old this month. Thus, on the left side I add a mini clothes pin with her name. I’ll do it for each month concerned by the birthday of a family member.
details banner Béa 2
details banner Béa 1
detail banner Béa 3

Il a neigé dans l’aube rose,

Si doucement neigé

Que le chaton noir croit rêver.

C’est à peine s’il ose marcher…

It snowed in the pink dawn,

So softly snowed 

That the black kitten thinks he is dreaming.

He hardly dares to walk…

Maurice Carême

Your vesion is up to you. Bring your personnal touch. Nothing will make me more happy than discovering your creations #quiltmania2021 !

March will arrive very soon !

About Béa

portrait béatrice airaud

Béatrice Airaud is a decorative and textile art designer with many talents. Discover her poetic universe as well as her kits and adorable ornaments on her website. Don’t hesitate to follow her facebook and instagram pages.

Find all the chapters of the “Xmas by Quiltmania avec Béa” on our blog, some lovely handmade decorations are waiting for you.

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