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Year 2024 animation with Béa

Year 2024 animation with Béa

Le Pouvoir des Fleurs – The Power of the Flowers!

One of the new features of 2024 at Quiltmania is that we’ve decided to communicate more with you, and to keep up with the times, we’ve added videos of our little faces! But not only!

After the video presenting Quiltmania 159 magazine and the first part of the Quilt Mystery, here’s a project led by the charming and highly inspired Béatrice Airaud, who will keep your heart warm all year round with her Power of Flowers ….

Béa was a member of the Quiltmania team for many years before devoting herself to her personal projects, but she’s back here and there to delight us all. I leave you in her hands…

Kind regards


Hello everyone,

Let’s start this adventure with a little scrapbooking session that you can organize in your own techniques and various materials.

Roses are my favorite flower…




Old sheet :

  • 2 large rectangles (tea-dyed) 26 x 36 cm (10 ¼’’ x 14’’)
  • 1 medium rectangle 10 x 15 cm (4’’ x 6’’)
  • one small square with sides measuring 5 cm (2’’)
  • Batting : 1 rectangle 24 x 34 cm (9 ½’’ x 13 3/8’’)1 rectangle of constrasting cotton fabric 15 x 20 cm (6’’ x 7 7/8’’)
  • A paper or fabric image of roses (approx. 4 x 9,5 cm (1 ½’’ x 3 ¾’’))
  • 1 square of fabric in harmony with the paper or fabric above (sides measuring 5 cm (2’’))
  • Gesso with an expired credit card
  • Water-based paint or scrap inks with brushes and small spray bottle filled with water
  • Textile glue and brush
  • Rigid cardboard or a sheet of Decovil (vlieseline)
  • Old letter
  • Semi-rigid cardboard in harmony with the flower or a little lace
  • Tulle or expired gauze
  • Croquet or fine lace (7mm x 30 cm (¼’’x 117/8’’)) and 6 to 8 small buttons,
  • Embroidery cottons
  • 1 square of lace with sides 5 cm (2’’)
  • 1 small paper doily and 2 small crochet doilies (here one round and one triangular)
  • A matching bow
  • Paper clip, charm
  • 1 cork and a cutter or knife
  • Something to protect the table
  • Optional : Big Shot and embossing set, sewing machine


1) Place the 2 large rectangles of old sheet on the work surface, right sides together, edge to edge. Add the fleece rectangle on top, centering it.

Sew the layers together 1 cm (3/8 ”) from the edge, leaving an opening to turn inside out.

Turn right side out.

Close the opening with an invisible stitch.

2) Fold and mark this assembly in the middle.

Draw a line at 1.25 cm (3/8”) on each side of the mark.

3) Place and sew the wide lace starting at the bottom right.

Place and pin the large rectangle of contrasting cotton to the left of the middle, along the 1.25 cm (3/8”) line.

Machine stitch the layers together, making diagonals.

Sand stitch the edges.

This is the support for the bases. Keep.

4) After protecting the table, spread Gesso on the medium rectangle of cloth with the credit card. Tear off a few strips of the old letter.

Place them on the Gesso spread. Apply a little more Gesso so that they adhere well to the rectangle of old cloth.

Leave to dry.

5) Using water-based paint or scrapbook ink, color the edges of this rectangle, which has hardened as it dries.

Add spots of paint or ink here and there.

Wet with the small water sprayer to diffuse the color. Leave to dry.

If possible, choose an embossing box, place the rectangle of old cloth inside and press with the “Big Shot” to obtain texture.

6) Line the small square of old cloth with cardboard or Decovil.

Ink it, emboss if possible.

On the medium rectangle of old sheet, glue a quarter of a paper doily, a cut-out of an old letter and the square of old sheet prepared above.

(Put thin slices of cork underneath to give it a slightly raised appearance).

7) Glue or machine-sew the rectangle of cotton fabric matching the floral fabric, the small square of lace and the crochet (triangular) doily.

Glue on the gauze.

8) Line the floral fabric rectangle with stiff cardboard or Decovil.

Make a Big Shot cutout in the semi-rigid cardboard to match the floral fabric and glue it to the side of the floral rectangle.

Alternatively, glue a small lace instead.

Position the paper clip.

Glue the assembly in place, sliding thin slices of cork underneath to create texture.

Place this assembly on the insdie left-hand page of the current textile notebook and machine-sew the middle rectangle of old sheet in place, inserting the small round doily in the top left-hand corner.

Sew the buttons onto the fine lace or croquet with embroidery cotton.

Glue to the inside.

Attach a bow and charm.

All finished! I’ll await your creations on #thepowerofflowers and on social media!
Thank you for all your kind messages.

Lots of kisses and take care of you,


About Béa

portrait béatrice airaud

Béatrice Airaud is a decorative and textile art designer with many talents. Discover her poetic universe as well as her kits and adorable ornaments on her website. Don’t hesitate to follow her facebook and instagram pages.

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