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February 2024 animation with Béa

February 2024 animation with Béa

Le Pouvoir des Fleurs – The Power of the Flowers!

Hello everyone,

“What would I be without you who came to meet me, what would I be without you a sleeping heart, than this hour stopped on the clock face, what would I be without you than this babble”
February, the month of Cupid…

This ode to Love is not mine… but Aragon’s.




  • In an old sheet, possibly stained with tea or coffee: 1 large 20 cm (8”) square + 1 small 14 cm
    Both are starched to facilitate embroidery
  • In printed fabric: 1 rectangle 13 x 17 cm (5” x 6 5/8”) + 1 square 13 cm (5”)
  • Heart pattern
  • Cotton and embroidery ribbons in different sizes: white, yellow, different pinks, different greens
  • Various materials of your choice for the embroidery buttons
  • Watercolor or water-based paint with a fine brush
  • A small croquet, 15 cm (6”) long
  • Small cardboard rectangle on which to sew two small buttons
  • A rectangle of floral fabric to match the embroidery colors
  • A small peice of corrugated cardboard on which to sew a small piece of lace
  • One small button, 3 or 4 small brads
  • Roxane-type “special fabric” glue


1) On the large square of old cloth, use transparency or a table light to transfer the heart.

First embroider the leaves in leaf stitch with embroidery ribbons, or in throw stitch with embroidery cotton.

Mark veins with throw stitch.

Embroider berries in knot stitch with your chosen materials.

Embroider flowers in leaf stitch with white ribbon or various pink ribbons.

Add fine stems in running stitch.

Color the spaces with watercolors or water-based paints.

Stitch the message all around.

Cut out the heart in your own way.

Make a few decorative machine stitches.

2) On the small sheet square, embroider the end of the message.

At the top, sew the small croquet.

3) Double with the printed fabric square.

Quilt the 2 pieces together.

4) Repeat the double page from the previous month.

To the right of the month of January apply the printed fabric rectangle by hand or machine, its left edge along the previously traced mark 1.25 cm (3/8”) from the middle of the double page.

5) Based on the photo, on this right-hand page arrange the various elements (the 2 embroidered pieces, the small rectangle of floral fabric and its button, the corrugated cardboard and its lace).

Sew of glue in place.

6) Add the card and its 2 buttons to the back of the embroidered square.

All finished! I’ll await your creations on #thepowerofflowers and on social media!
Thank you for all your kind messages.

Lots of kisses and take care of you,


About Béa

portrait béatrice airaud

Béatrice Airaud is a decorative and textile art designer with many talents. Discover her poetic universe as well as her kits and adorable ornaments on her website. Don’t hesitate to follow her facebook and instagram pages.

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