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Discover the Texas Quilt Museum

texas quilt museum

Discover the Texas Quilt Museum

The Texas Quilt Museum is a true wonder for traditional and contemporary quilts lovers but also for the curious ones in need of new fabrics masterpieces to admire. in the heart of two superb historical buildings located in the small town La Grange, it offers every year exceptional exhibitions. 

An exhibition by Julie Silber, quilts collector

In 2019, the Texas Quilt Museum invited Julie Silber, quilt collector, to dump her suitcases full of blue and white quilts in La Grange.

This story rings a bell? If you are a keen reader of the Quiltmania Magazine, you might already have read the issue #140 in its entirety. Inside, an article of the talented Julie Silber is telling you all about her travelling exhibition: “True Blue: Indigo Quilts from the Collection of Merry Silber.” The collection being an heritage of her mother, Merry Silber, the museum suggested to rename it “Mama’s Got Blues”. She couldn’t say no! 

Julie Silber

Organized by Vicki Coody Mangum, this exhibition was a great success, which is not surprising at all. The place, as well as the richness of the collection, could only be a perfect duo!

At Quiltmania, we love to make you travel through the passion that we share, quilting. That’s why you’ll find a fully detailed article with multiple pictures.

Here is a sample of what you can admire inside:

Many quilts to admire all year round

The Texas Quilt Museum welcomes you throughout the year to discover four exhibitions each more spectacular than the other. You can see the retrospective of 2020’s events on their ezine. The latest one, with its striking realistic quilts, has already been the subject of an article on our blog.

We also encourage you to sign up to their Newsletter to get all the informations on the museum’s exhibitions and other activities.

Texas Quilt Museum ezine cover

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