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Poster exhibition Ian Berry at Levi Strauss Museum


**The exhibition has sadly been closed since the renew of the lockdown in Germany but the one at the Rijswijk Museum is still planned**

Ian Berry, reputed British artist, is currently exhibiting his photorealistic work made of denim collage at the Levi Strauss Museum (Buttenheim, Germany). He thus celebrates the 20th anniversary of the item of clothing’s creator’s museum. His art will be displayed until November 8th

The astonishing exhibition « Art in Denim »

Visitors can admire two of his wonderful series: « Behind Closed Doors » and « Hotel California ». They will even have the occasion to see a short film on his #IClapFor campaign. It has been initiated during the lockdown and consist in showing two denim hands clapping for the health heroes of the pandemic.

This exhibition is the first of an international tour. After the Levi Strauss Museum, it will be moved to the Rijswijk Museum, Holland from 28th November till 4th April 2021. It will be called « Splendid Isolation », the isolation being at the heart of Ian Berry’s work. He even organized a photographs contest, curious to see how people from all around the world experienced their own isolation during lockdown and how they illustrate it. A part of the exhibition, named « Stay Behind Close Doors » will show the selected photos (all the photos are featured on his website). 

Denim trompe l’oeil

The British artist has worked for fifteen years to make denim a true masterpiece. According to him, it is a symbol of modernity since everybody wears it and feels great in it, regardless of sex, social classes, or origins. By upclycing old jeans, he is creating within a sustainable and human approach. Named as a Top 50 influential figures in denim for 2019, we can say that the challenge is a true success!

If you want to learn more about his work, go follow him on social media as well as visit his website.

For more information about the exhibitions, check the following websites: Levi Strauss Museum or/and Rijswijk Museum’s one.

They might not be actual quilts, but we thought that you would still love it. You might even be inspired by his work for you next creations. We thus give you a preview of a few pictures of his breathtaking art pieces :



You also want to recycle your old jeans?


We invite you to discover or re discover the « Technical Lesson » by Brigitte Heitland in the magazine Simply Moderne #19. She shows you how to use the technique of visible mending on denim and offers you to realize a clutch.

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