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Margaret Mew

Margaret Mew

Margaret has, and has always had, a great love for reproduction fabrics.

Her quilts are made using wonderful fabrics reproduced from days of old and brought to life again for us to enjoy.

The distinctive elements of her quilts would be her use of beautiful bright raspberry and her favourite teal fabrics, adding a little splash of golden yellow for fun and warm brown for depth. All these she teams with wonderful eclectic backgrounds which seem to move and embrace the fabrics they surround.

From many years spent studying antique fabrics and quilts from the 19th century and earlier, Margaret has learned that the colours to be found in these fabrics were often very bright and vibrant. These tones are not always associated with reproduction fabrics, but she loves to expose her students to the joys of these colours; to try and change the often-heard perception that reproduction fabrics are dull.

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