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Labors of Love – Secret Sewing Sisters

Labors of Love – Secret Sewing Sisters

Labors of Love – Glorious Quilts revisited by the Secret Sewing Sisters and their friends

234 pages / Book in English AND French / Ref. : SSS



For those enamored of antique quilts and reproducing them in your own personal style, this book is for you! Some of the most exquisite quilts from Jane Lury’s magnificent collection of antique quilts  were carefully crafted by 12 visionary quilters.

Read their stories, learn about their process and then delve into their work. Let both their history and those of early quilt makers inspire you. There is even a quilt that is perfect for beginners!


« Making the quilts has been a shared joy for us. It has connected us to our friends around the world and also to the original quilt makers. Through their work, those early quilt makers spoke to us and inspired us. »

Contents – Quilts you will make thanks to the Secret Sewing Sisters book

  • A Floral Farrago by Meghan Leslie – Broderie Perse Quilt
  • Mary Anning’s Sea Shells by Di Ford – Broderie Perse Quilt
  • Merino Downs by Merri Garton – Pieced and Appliqué Quilt
  • Wandering Minstrels by Deb King – Pieced and Appliqué Quilt
  • Pheasants Among the Stars by Ann Ransom – Broderie Perse Quilt
  • Kew Gardens by Clare Cross – Center Medallion Quilt
  • Délectable Montagne by Michèle Beugnon – Star Quilt
  • Atlanta Botanica by Kerry Roe – Album Quilt
  • All for One & One for All! by Anne-Helene Nedelec – Sampler Quilt
  • Queen Victoria by Petra Prins – Pieced Coverlet
  • Ah ! Les Belles Toilettes… by Renée Ferré – Center Medallion Quilt
  • Curtain Call by Sue Delves – Center Medallion of Hexagons Quilt


A little history about Secret Sewing Sisters and their friends…

This special group of quilters is comprised of 8 Australians and at the very center is our friend Di Ford, the most celebrated quilter of this ensemble.

What makes this group so interesting?
Di was their teacher almost 20 years ago.  As a result of their shared talent and mutual love for quilting, these friends formed the Secret Sewing Sisters to gather and make quilts!

In their latest endeavor, the Secret Sewing Sisters revisit and restyle some magnificent antique quilts from Jane Lury’s Labors of Love collection of quilts found in Meanderings of a Quilt Collector, published by Quiltmania Editions.


This amazing project came to fruition back in 2018, when the Secret Sewing Sisters invited Petra Prins, Michele Beugnon, Anne-Helene Nedelec and Renee Ferre to join them on this fabulous adventure.

The collaboration of all these talented artists resulted in the creation of 12 extraordinary quilts!



An unfortunate error has been made on p. 8 and p. 140 in our book Labors of Love – Glorious Quilts Revisited by the Secret Sewing Sisters and Friends.  The quilt Atlanta  Botanica on p. 140 was indeed made by Kerry.  However, the photos are not of Kerry, but of Barbara, another Secret Sewing Sister.  We are very sorry for this error and extend our deepest apologies to both Kerry and Barbara.  Carol Veillon

Here is Kerry’s portrait:


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