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La Petite Leçon de Patchwork

La Petite Leçon de Patchwork

Only in French

If you are dreaming of learning to quilt, we are publishing again our famous ” La Petite Leçon de Patchwork” to help you tackle any quilt block, even the most complicated ones.


66 pages / FRENCH / Ref. : PLP

9 blocks and how to create a beautiful sampler quilt for beginners




The “bible” for quilters has received a makeover!

For 20 years now, “La Petite Leçon de Patchwork” has served and trained many beginners.

Its secret? A technical manual with step-by-step instructions.

Thanks to “La Petite Leçon de Patchwork”, you can make your first quilt without help from anyone other than the three quilt instructors whose contributions resulted in this marvelous book!

66 pages / FRENCH / Ref. : PLP

9 blocks


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