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Godharis of Maharashtra

Godharis of Maharashtra

Take a colorful journey through India to learn about the country’s textile tradition.

Behold a sublime travel diary, magnificently illustrated with photos of Godharis crafted by women from the Maharashtra region.



This book is the result of extensive field work and in-depth research conducted in the rural areas of Maharashtra.
This book takes us on a wonderful journey through the various regions of Maharashtra. It is the first attempt to research the humble godhari, made by the unknown, rural women of Maharashtra. As far as I am aware, there is no existing documentation on the subject.
It gives the reader an insight into the art of godhari making, which has been passed down from one generation of women to the next.
The images reproduced herein for the first time, highlight the way that everyday clothes, like saris, have been recycled. Maharashtra’s women evidently have an inherent skill in making godharis, which they have never exploited for commercial use.

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