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Bliss of a Quilt Digger

Bliss of a Quilt Digger

by Charles-Edouard de Broin.

Charles-Edouard de Broin’s path as an avid quilt collector is anything but common. Take a trip with Charles-Edouard, through cities and countries, and listen to his story as he explains how a novice became, over the years, an expert quilt collector.

Coffee table book




« What drives me above all else is this fascination for a world I discovered late, as an adult, with zero influence from my education. »  – Charles-Edouard de Broin


Learn about the incredible journey of Charles-Edouard de Broin, a passionate collector!

Raised in a family of gifted embroiderers and upholsterers, Charles-Edouard De Broin learned how to work a needle at a very young age. Thus the nickname “Little bit o’ yarn” given to him by his siblings. As an adult, Charles-Edouard worked as a geophysical engineer and geologist, exploring X-ray crystallography techniques. This first contact with networks and patterns would become, over time, integral to his life as a quilt collector.

You will find in this book over 100 sumptuous photos and among them Log Cabin and Crazy quilts. You won’t be disappointed – these are Charles-Edouard’s favorites!


234 pages
Book in both English and French
Size: 24×31 cm
ef.: MBQ
ISBN:  978-2-37082-06-24

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