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2019 Mystery Quilt – Jen Kingwell – Part 3

The 2019 Mystery Quilt adventure, designed by Jen Kingwell, has begun and is now available in our Quiltmania #129 magazine! The step #2 has been released in  Quiltmania magazine #130 (March-April issue), available here. The step #3 has been released in Quiltmania magazine #131 (May-June issue) available here   In this tutorial, Jen walks you through […]

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Sewing Sisters Quiltmania Tour 2019 by Juud

Who would have thought that our show would become a QuiltMania Show. “Sewing Sisters Quiltmania Tour 2019” Having QuiltMania on board will give it an extra dimension, more international. So hopefully we can address even more quilters. We’re a special group of people, you and I. We’re Quilt lovers. We are all kindred spirits. The […]

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Quiltmania Tour – Cowslip Workshop

The Quiltmania Secret Sewing Sisters Tour is now in Cornwalls at Launceston, from May 8th thry May12th. The exhibition takes place in the amazing Cowslip Workshops. If you plan to visit us (or not!), here are some photos to let you know what’s waiting for you! Most of the quilts are from two books we […]

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